Swindon Skills Academy


Okanagan Hockey Skills Academy specialises in individual performance training and technical skill development.

Supplemental to the existing programs run by local hockey clubs.

Year long curriculum focused on:

  • Review of basic fundamentals
  • Introduce new technical skills
  • Focus on individual tactical skills
  • Game situation and awareness skills

Introduction or review of new technical skills

  • Athlete will practice at a pace where they can learn, be creative and improvise.
  • Practice with purpose and speed with a direct correlation to competition scenarios



The mandate of the Okanagan Hockey Skills Academy:

  • To focus on the individual technical and tactical skills of each player through a comprehensive progressive process.



  • To complement existing hockey organizations by creating a learning environment to foster passion, improvement and overall understanding of the game.
  • Implement technical and tactical skills into a controlled game situation environment.



Evaluating and providing continuous feedback is fundamental to the program and the player’s progression.

Evaluation tools include:

  • Video analysis of individual skills
  • On-ice training aids
  • Individual skill development goal setting


  • Standardized on-ice testing
  • Quarterly and year end progress reports will be provided to each player
  • Ongoing career planning support and guidance.



  • The facility will be Swindon Link Centre.
  • Schedule
  • On-Ice practices are from 07:15 – 08:15 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • There will be 32 weeks on ice with a total of 96 sessions between September and May
  • Apparel
  • Jersey, socks and water bottle will be provided



Programme Fees Cover

  • On ice sessions
  • Coaching costs
  • Gym membership at the Better Link Centre
  • Gym programme


  • Players must be registered with their home club through the EIHA


Please fill out the contact form below or email steve.nell@hockeyschools.co.uk for more information.

Skills Academy

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